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Line XMS // Conduit Profiles XMS
Conduit Profiles XMS
Simply clip Conduit Profile K into a Line 8 groove and the high-strength plastic cable channel is ready for use – no machining, no screws. The conduit can also be screwed directly to other surfaces. The design of Conduit Profile K mirrors the contours of Profiles X 8, which are also found in machine frames built using Line XMS. That makes it ideal for use with Profiles X 8 and the logical extension for the integrated cable conduits of Profiles XMS.
Another advantage is that they are incredibly easy to machine – Conduit Profiles K and Lid Profiles K can be sawed or cut to size with Multi-Purpose Pliers (

Product Order No. CAD data Enquiry
Conduit Profile U 40x40 K 0.0.643.86
Conduit Profile U 40x40 K 0.0.647.84
Conduit Profile U 80x40 D80 K 0.0.647.89
Conduit Profile U 80x40 D80 K 0.0.647.90
Conduit Profile U 80x80 K 0.0.648.05
Conduit Profile U 80x80 K 0.0.648.06
Lid Profile D40 K 0.0.643.87
Lid Profile D40 K 0.0.647.85
Lid Profile D80 K 0.0.647.91
Lid Profile D80 K 0.0.647.92
Product Order No. CAD data Enquiry
Clip 8, Conduit Profile K 0.0.643.85
Catch 40, Conduit Profile K 0.0.648.08
Catch 80, Conduit Profile K 0.0.648.09
Conduit Corner Cap 8 40 - XMS 0.0.643.83
Conduit Cap 40x40 K 0.0.633.50
Conduit Cap 80x40 K 0.0.633.51
Conduit Cap 80x80 K 0.0.633.52
Conduit Cap 80x40 with Cable Entry Protector 0.0.672.01

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